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  • 905W
  • EER: 13.5
  • Equipped with a New Eco-friendly Refrigerant R32
  • Full DC Inverter
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Remote & Wired Control
  • Hassle Free Filter Cleaning

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current air conditioning unit or you’re a first-time aircon buyer and want something high-quality, the Tosot Split Type Aircon Premium Inverter 1.5HP TWC12VRE is a great choice for you. This product is available at Savers Appliance today, your trusted appliances store in the Philippines.

This Tosot split type aircon is a must-have for those seeking to enhance comfort and efficiency at home or in the office. It stands out with its impressive 905W power output and an exceptional energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 13.5, which mark it as a leading choice for energy-conscious consumers. Its remarkable efficiency is further enhanced through the use of the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, which reduces environmental impact and improves the overall performance of the aircon.

The full DC inverter technology in this Tosot air conditioning unit allows precise temperature control, enabling users to maintain their desired comfort level without the constant on-and-off cycling of traditional air conditioners. So, if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality because this precision feature ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency. The split type aircon also has remote and wired control options that allows easy adjustments from anywhere in the room. Finally, the hassle-free filter cleaning feature ensures that maintaining your aircon is as simple and quick as possible, promoting a healthier living environment through cool, clean, filtered air.

This split type aircon is designed to fit seamlessly into modern spaces without taking up excessive room. It weighs only 47.5 kg and measures 92.1 × 36.3 × 102.4 cm. Its sleek design and advanced technology, including the inverter and other features like a timer and remote-control capabilities, make it an attractive addition to small homes and offices. The Tosot Split Type Aircon Premium Inverter 1.5HP TWC12VRE is truly a practical air-cooling appliance. Get this today only at Savers Appliances, your trusted appliances store in the Philippines.

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Weight47.5 kg
Dimensions92.1 × 36.3 × 102.4 cm
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Free Installation 1st 10 ft


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