Water Dispenser

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Potable cold and hot water on demand are some of the underappreciated joys of living in the modern world. Get a water dispenser for your home or office and have an easier time rehydrating or fixing yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Check out the water dispensers we have at Savers Appliances today and order a model that suits your lifestyle. We accept online payment, bank transfer, and COD.

Get hot or cold water whenever you please by purchasing a water dispenser for your home or workplace. Savers Appliances offers a selection of water dispenser models that can provide you with hot or cold drinking water on demand. This type of appliance will change the way you access water, and it will be of great use to your family every day, no matter what the season may be.

The water dispensers we have on our website come in 2 types: top loading and bottom loading. Top loading dispensers are a common sight at home and in the workplace here in the Philippines. To refill this model, the user must first lift the water bottle and place it upside down at the top of the dispenser, allowing the water to flow down whenever the dispenser is in use. The bottom loading model, on the other hand, has a slot for the water bottle on its base, so it’s much easier to refill.

Get a water dispenser from different appliance brands today at Savers Appliances. We provide delivery and pick-up services, and you can complete all purchases on our website using bank transfer, online payment, or COD. You may also visit the nearest Savers appliances store near you.

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