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Do you consider yourself a certified audiophile? Keep calm and rock on with a pair of high-quality headphones from Savers Appliances, one of the leading gadgets and appliances stores in the Philippines! Our selection of headphones and headsets allow you to take your music everywhere you go. Choose wired, wireless, extra bass, or noise canceling headphones and headsets from industry leaders like Sony and so much more. Check out our Gadgets – Headphones Headsets category now!

“Headphones” is the common name for a set of two simple speakers attached to a band meant to be worn across the top of a user’s head. They offer an immersive listening experience by way of their positioning, delivering brilliant sound directly into the ears. The word “headset” on the other hand refers to a pair of headphones equipped with a microphone. That microphone can be a boom microphone that can be moved and positioned as desired, or an in-line microphone that is attached to the cord that connects the headset to the audio source.

Savers Appliances offers both wired and wireless headphones and headsets in our Gadgets – Headphones Headsets category. Choose from a wide variety of styles and feature sets, from headphones that deliver extra thumping bass to ones that cancel out the noise in your environment entirely. Find your ideal pair of headphones or headsets today by browsing our ecommerce shop’s catalog or visiting one of our physical stores.

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