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Make Savers Appliances your store of choice in the Philippines not only for common kitchen appliances but also for audio and video products. We sell items from among the best-loved audio and video brands around the world, like Sony, LG, Samsung, and JBL.

Buy a speaker system or soundbar to set up at home, or get a high-powered portable sound system or Bluetooth speaker for travel. Shop for quality items at exceptional value from our Audio Video section at Savers Appliances!

Now that there are more types of home theater and living room appliances available on the market, more consumers have become curious about upgrading their audio and video experiences. Perhaps, it’s a matter of wanting a cinema-like experience while watching TV or movies at home. Perhaps, a portable sound system would prove very useful at live events, like an outdoor party or concert. Or perhaps people simply want to enjoy music from wherever they are and need a small speaker to pair with their tablet or phone.

If any of these apply to you, make sure to shop at Savers Appliances to get your audio fix. From our Audio Video catalog, you can find audio and video products to use at home, at work, during a special occasion, at an event, or even while you’re traveling. Get the ideal audio solution for your needs, whether it consists of a multi-component system or a single speaker. Find them all for great prices here at Savers Appliances!

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