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At Savers Appliances, you’ll find products from some of the world’s most trusted brands. One of these is the South Korean company LG, which is known for developing and manufacturing a variety of home appliances and consumer electronics. Global bestsellers from LG include their air conditioning units, smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and audio systems. Definitely, ‘Life’s Good’ with LG appliances and devices helping you power through your everyday life. For the best selection of LG products at the best prices, shop only at Savers Appliances. We are the go-to appliance retailer in the Philippines for tens of thousands of customers, and we are a proud member of the Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. family of brands. Visit our stores or order online today!

LG, the product of a merger between two companies called Lak-Hui and GoldStar, is an electronics company based in South Korea. It is part of LG Corporation, which is the fourth-largest ‘chaebol’ or multi-industry conglomerate in the country. The company played a large role in revitalizing South Korea’s economy after the Korean War, as well as in demonstrating Korea’s technological prowess to international consumers. Brand values that are unique to LG include a keen understanding of what customers need and a commitment to making everyday life easier and better. To this end, LG devices are always designed with the best technologies, but they are likewise easy for customers to use. Whether you’re buying a TV to watch your favorite shows on or a washing machine that will last you for years, LG promises you the good life. Here in the Philippines, the best place to get awesome discounts on LG products is Savers Appliances. You can check out our most up-to-date offerings from LG in one of our flagship stores, or you can simply order online and wait for your item’s delivery straight to your address. We will ship LG products to any address based in the Philippines.

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