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Currently looking for reliable gas stoves, gas ranges, air conditioners, or spin dryers to use in your home? One of the brands you should explore for options is Markes. The Canadian brand’s OEM appliances promise safety, practicality, and durability to Filipino consumers. To know more about Markes products and to buy them for your own household, check out the offerings available on Savers Appliances. From our catalog, you can find awesome deals on Markes products and other essential household appliances. You can either order from our physical stores or purchase online, and we’ll take care of the delivery for you. Buy today before stocks run out. Shop only at Savers Appliances!

Markes is a home appliance brand that’s duly registered in Canada and in the Philippines. It is part of the LKG Group of Companies and is distributed in the Philippines by Continental Sales, Inc., which also handles Haier. Under CSI’s distributorship, Markes products have been available to Filipino consumers since 1997. Markes sells a considerable range of home appliances which include range stoves, fabric steamers, dehumidifiers, spin dryers, air conditioners, and sterilizers, among others. These products will stand out in your home for their simple yet handsome designs. Moreover, though they’re priced quite affordably, they will be a great long-term investment, thanks in no small measure to the emphasis that Markes places on the quality and longevity of their products. Shop at Savers Appliances to buy an available Markes appliance or to pre-order the product you want. You’ll find Markes represented in our physical stores, but you can also order them online. We deliver appliances to any address in the Philippines.

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