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  • 3 Brass Burners and 1 Hotplate
  • Gas Oven and Grill Function
  • Oven Lamp, Rotisserie, Timer and Deep Tray
  • Dish Compartment at the Bottom
  • Double Glaze Oven Door
  • Removable Tempered Glass Cover

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The Markes Gas Range MREB50 is a great entry-level appliance for home cooks that are shopping for their first gas range. Its all-in-one brass burners, hotplate, and oven with grill function make it extremely helpful for multiple steps of food preparation. Get one at an excellent value here at Savers Appliances. We are one of the leading appliance retailers in the Philippines.

When people think of gas ranges, they often think of the sleek, powerful, and oftentimes expensive appliances used by professional chefs. In truth, however, there are now a lot of affordably priced options in the market. Home cooks with modest budgets need not be limited to buying separate stove and oven units. To get the best of both worlds, they can check out a model like the Markes Gas Range MREB50.

The Markes Gas Range MREB50 encompasses the two major features any buyer would want from a gas range: a multiple-burner gas stove and its own oven. But it comes with a lot of neat additions as well. For one, it has a hotplate that you can use to quickly heat up food or drinks. For another, its oven has a grill function, a rotisserie, a deep tray, and a dish compartment at its bottom. Its removable tempered glass cover and double glazed oven door give it a classy and modern look, which will look great amongst the rest of your kitchen fixtures.

Check out the Markes Gas Range MREB50 among our appliances for sale at Savers Appliances’s online store. Order one today and enjoy stress-free shipping straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are based in the Philippines!

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