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  • 0.6HP Window Type Air Conditioner
  • Compact Design
  • High Quality Motor
  • Washable Filter & Panel
  • Auto Swing
  • Air Fresh Filter
  • Gold Fins Evaporator
  • 3-Minute Compressor Delay
  • Cooling Capacity: 5900 Kj/Hr
  • EER: 10.6
  • R32 Refrigerant


Every Philippine home deserves to have a cool and comfortable space for rest and relaxation. That’s why you should consider getting this Kolin Window Type Aircon Compact Series R32 0.6HP KAM-55CMC32. With a 0.6HP motor, this compact aircon unit is perfectly capable of cooling a smaller 6 to 12-square-meter space, such as your child’s bedroom. What’s more, its quiet 53 dB operation ensures a conducive sleeping environment for a restful night.

This Kolin aircon features 5900 Kj per hour cooling capacity for faster cooling, and auto swing function to ensure fresh airflow and continuous ventilation. For proper operation, make sure to wait 3 minutes before restarting your aircon because it has a 3-minute compressor delay. Meanwhile, to ensure allergen-free fresh air flows through the room, the aircon is equipped with an electrostatic filter to remove impurities such as dust and other airborne particulates. This air filter along with the panel cover is washable so you can keep enjoying the clean breeze that the aircon generates.

This aircon may be one of the most budget-friendly compact models, but it’s designed and engineered for a long lifespan. With gold fin evaporators, the condenser coils are protected against damage caused by water buildup, acids, and other corrosive chemicals. At the core of this aircon unit is a high-quality motor with a 2.43-amp rated current and 555-watt power input. For an eco-friendly operation, the aircon uses R32 refrigerant in its compressor. Lastly, this window-type aircon comes with a 10.6 kJ/hW energy efficiency ratio (EER) for energy-efficient operation.

Give your family the gift of a comfortable home with the Kolin Window Type Aircon Compact Series R32 0.6HP KAM-55CMC32. Order this affordable aircon model from Savers Appliances to get the best prices on the unit. This Kolin-authorized appliances store provides the appropriate manufacturer’s warranty to protect your purchase.

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Dimensions40.6 × 33.5 × 30.6 cm
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