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  • Rated Power Supply: 230V / 60Hz
  • Microwave Power Levels: 11
  • Defrost by Weight & Time: Yes
  • Grill Function: None
  • Timer (Minutes)/Clock: 99.99/24h
  • Auto Menu: 6
  • Memory: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes

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P1 Per Meal

Save time, energy, and money as Midea 20L Silver Digital Microwave Oven only costs about Php 1.00 in electricity consumption for 3 minutes of cooking.

Child Lock

With a Child Lock programme, your Microwave’s control panel will be “locked” so that children or anyone unfamiliar with it cannot operate it accidentally.

95 minute Cooking Timer

Cook your meals to perfection with greater flexibility.


Microwaves have become an invaluable kitchen appliance for many households in the Philippines. Not only can they heat up pre-cooked meals and cook certain foods faster, but they can also defrost frozen meats in just a few minutes. To make the most of these appliances, however, it’s in your best interest to invest in a high-quality model that offers a durable and reliable performance. That’s where the Midea Microwave Oven Digital 20L FP-61MMV020LETH-S comes in, which you can order today through the Savers Appliances website.

With the Midea Microwave Oven Digital 20L FP-61MMV020LETH-S, you’ll be able to heat or cook your food and save money at the same time. Yes, you heard that right. This Midea microwave will help you save money because it will only cost you about Php 1.00 in electricity consumption for every 3 minutes of cooking. This means you get to enjoy your freshly microwaved meals and not worry too much about your utility bills rising. Another feature this microwave has is its Child Lock program. When this program is on, your kids (or anyone unfamiliar with using the appliance) can’t operate it accidentally, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and other oven-related injuries in the household. Moreover, this microwave has a 95-minute cooking timer, giving you the flexibility to cook your meals to perfection.

Buy your Midea Microwave Oven Digital 20L FP-61MMV020LETH-S via the Savers Appliances website today and we’ll deliver it your location, no matter where you are in the Philippines. As a leading name in the appliances store industry in the country, we’re committed to giving you a hassle-free way to order your household appliances online. That’s why our user-friendly interface has made it easier than ever to search and order the appliances you need to create a comfortable home environment. If you have any questions, visit our Customer Care page and fill out the form or email us at customercare@saversappliances.com.ph.

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Weight15.24 kg
Dimensions48.8 × 38 × 29.1 cm


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