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  • 4K QLED
  • Dolby Vision/Atmos
  • Hands Free voice control 2.0
  • Google Duo
  • HDR+
  • AIPQ Engine

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Ultra HD content passes through the quantum dot layer and is filtered by more than 1 billion quantum dot nanocrystals. The latest high dynamic range enhances the power of the 4K display. Enjoy vibrant, impeccable picture quality, and improve to industry-leading 100% color gamut and brightness.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Dynamic Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision technology allows you to enjoy cinema-level visual effects at home. Dolby Vision has enhanced the image effects of Dolby exclusive content, with more distinct colors, stronger contrast, and higher brightness.

HDR 10+

Enjoy “Zero Compromise” TV. HDR10+ technology can fully visualize and integrate the original creator’s ideas into TV and game processing. HDR 10+ processes and optimizes the picture frame by frame, increases the color saturation limit (4 times higher than HDR 10) and enhances the contrast, allowing you to enjoy richer entertainment content and get a more immersive experience

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel


Thanks to the algorithms supported by the smart chip, MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) makes image processing smooth and silky. Increase the frame rate of motion compensation in the process of low frame rate action video to increase the display frame rate to 60-fps. Scenes with moving speed and full of power look clearer, without blur or jitter. No matter how intense the action is, you can get a more “smooth” look and feel.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel
TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel
TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

* Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Use the latest Android R system to enhance your entertainment experience. Built-in more than 7,000 applications and more than 700,000 shows/movies*. It also comes with personalized TV, music, movies, games and other content recommendations, and you can download more of your favorite apps through the Google Play Store. In addition, the built-in Chromecast also supports projecting photos, videos and music directly from your electronic device, easily solving the problem of small screens.

* The content depends on the country and region

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel





YouTube x Netflix x Prime Video

The most popular media applications in the world are pre-installed, and you can enjoy unlimited on-demand content. The videos are all-inclusive, from the latest version to nostalgic movies.





TCL channel

Tired of showing only the latest entertainment TV on the homepage? TCL channel is developed by TCL and Google Android system. The interface of the TCL channel is designed in a waterfall layout, allowing you to easily search for a large amount of local and international content, without providing personalized recommendations to the audience, including movies, TV shows, games and apps.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Hands-free voice control 2.0

Google Assistant, after the improvement of the hands-free voice control system, the remote control is no longer the only tool to control the TV. Just say “OK Google” and you can switch channels, set reminders, and stream media services with simple voice commands. The upgraded version brings simplified performance and faster processing speed.

*Google Assistant is available in English, but there is currently no local language version. The availability and performance of certain features and services may vary by service, equipment, and network, and may not be available in all regions.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

The big screen looks better


Transmit content directly from your mobile device to your TV in real time, broaden your horizons.


MagiConnect enables you to operate the TV via your smartphone. Take screenshots directly from the TV screen, share via social media, play audio/video from mobile devices, etc.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

AI x IoT

TCL is committed to focusing on AI x IoT to make life smarter. Through TCL TV, you can connect and use hands-free control of more devices, as well as connect and control any device that supports Google Home at will. You can lie on the sofa and use a simple voice command to set the temperature, adjust the lights, and control your sweeping robot to create and experience your future home.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Google Duo

Easily make one-to-one calls, or use Google’s video chat app to join a group call. Send notes, voice or video memos, etc.

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