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Furnish your home with affordable and reliable appliances from Xtreme — the one-stop shop appliances brand. Xtreme aims to establish itself as a household name when it comes to consumer electronics. Moreover, its mission is to provide Filipino homes with high-quality but affordable appliances, as well as top-of-the-line customer service.

Here at Saver’s Appliances, you can find the best deals on Xtreme Android smart TVs, window type air conditioner, twin tub washing machines, and more. Explore each product line to know the features that work for your family.

With Xtreme’s line of smart Android TVs, you and your family can enjoy cinematic experiences in the comfort and safety of your home. What’s more, Xtreme’s smart Android TV is available in a variety of screen sizes so you can install one in every room. It also features a frameless design that wastes no space, giving you every inch of visual entertainment. That’s why if you’re in the market for your next TV, check out what Xtreme has to offer.

When it comes to providing a comfortable home in this tropical heat, you need Xtreme’s window type aircon. Cool your room with their high-efficiency design, hydrophilic aluminum fins, and multiple fan speeds. At such low prices, Xtreme air conditioners are hard to beat.

For your laundry day, Xtreme’s twin tub washing machine can be your hardworking laundry companion. Available in different capacities, these washing machines can accommodate the toughest loads. What’s more, because this washing includes a washer and dryer, you don’t have to wait long for your clothes to dry under the sun. Best of all, clothes come out clean with its normal to heavy wash action settings.

For your household appliances, make your choice an Xtreme. Get the best prices on this brand and more only here at Savers Appliances, one of the best appliances store in the Philippines.

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