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5 Smart Appliances to Upgrade in Your Home

Filling your home with appliances that can be operated automatically and remotely may seem like an unrealistic sci-fi premise, but it’s actually becoming a reality. Technology has greatly advanced over the past few years, bringing in a new wave of “smart” appliances that are built to make life even more convenient. These devices are usually equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, smart sensors, and AI technology that let you control them remotely or through voice commands. They also have other nifty features that allow them to work automatically or with little supervision.

Whether you need help streamlining your day-to-day chores or simply want to modernize your home with the latest technology, below is a list of five smart appliances that every household could benefit from:

Smart TV

Smart TVs are like regular televisions but way better thanks to their host of additional features. They’ve got Wi-Fi connectivity that gives them access to all your favorite streaming services, as well as popular video-sharing platforms. So rather than binging shows and movies from a smaller laptop or phone screen, you can watch them straight from your TV.

Essentially, a smart TV acts like a giant mobile device, as many units also let you play music, control other smart devices, answer calls, and access a digital assistant through voice commands. If you’re accustomed to using devices with an Android operating system, you can even buy Android TV for a smoother transition from your old television.

Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming the house manually is now a thing of the past. The invention of the robot vacuum has now made it possible to keep your floors spick and span without you even needing to be at home. This is a relief if you’ve got pets or children, as you don’t have to dedicate much time to sweeping or vacuuming to enjoy having a clean home.

As the name suggests, a robot vacuum is a compact device that can move around the house and sweep your floors without supervision. It can also be controlled through an application on your mobile phone and comes with many useful features.

For instance, some devices can be programmed to clean certain parts of your home at a particular time. Others can even self-charge when they’re low on battery, then resume cleaning once fully charged. Indeed, the robot vacuum is a formidable addition to the house that will have your floors shining 24/7 with just a few phone taps.

AI Washer

Forgot to bring your laundry out of the washer? Put too much—or too little—detergent on your clothes? Don’t fret, as these problems can easily be fixed with an AI-operated smart washer. Like most smart devices, this appliance has Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control it through a mobile application. This allows you to turn it on or off remotely, as well as schedule its operating times.

Many smart washing machines and dryers can also send alerts to your mobile phone, notifying you when laundry is finished. Thanks to their AI technology, most smart washers can automatically assess the amount of detergent needed based on load size and fabric texture. They can also connect to a smart dryer and communicate the ideal laundry settings, ensuring that fabrics are treated with the utmost care from start to finish.

Smart Refrigerator

Having a smart refrigerator can really level up your food storage experience. It looks just like a regular fridge, except it comes equipped with a touch-screen panel on its doors. This panel can do just about anything you need and more when it comes to maximizing your fridge’s capabilities.

For example, many smart refrigerators let you look up recipes online from their touch-screen panels, and some can even read them aloud as you cook. Others even come with internal cameras that scan your current inventory and then notify you of what you have and what items are set to expire through your mobile device. This not only makes cooking easier, but also saves you plenty of time and effort when grocery shopping.

Smart Pressure Cooker

The smart pressure cooker is a must-have kitchen appliance thanks to its multi-functionality. It basically fulfills the functions of seven kitchen appliances, as it’s not only able to pressure cook but also slow cook, steam, sauté, cook rice, warm food, and make yogurt. Some models even have a built-in air fryer for added functionality. You’ll find that you can make a wide assortment of delicious dishes with this appliance alone.

What’s more, purchasing a smart pressure cooker with Wi-Fi connectivity will allow you to schedule, adjust certain settings, and monitor cooking progress from your smartphone when you’re out and about. This way, you’ll always have a hot meal waiting for you, even after a long day of work or errands.

There’s no doubt that smart appliances can make life a whole lot easier. With just a few upgrades, you can have devices that help your household function more efficiently without much effort on your part. Having full control over your appliances and the convenience of advanced technology is certainly a plus for the busy and modern lifestyle, whether you’re in or out of your home.

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