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4 Easy Upgrades to Turn Your TV Room Into a Cozy Home Theater

When the rainy season brings stormy weather, it’s best to stay dry and safe at home. And what better way to spend a rainy day than watching TV with your family? If your family loves to bond over watching movies and bingeing on your favorite shows, they may appreciate an elevated viewing experience. If you’ve … Read more

4 Quick Fixes for Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines are important appliances to have at home, especially for managing the laundry loads of large households. Having a washing machine with dryer allows you to conveniently wash a ton of dirty clothes without the tedious process of hand washing. But imagine if your machine suddenly malfunctions while you’re doing the laundry on a … Read more

5 Things You Should Know About Your Washing Machine

When it comes to doing laundry at home, many Filipinos have embraced the use of washing machines. It is especially convenient to have a washing machine with dryer during the rainy season, as you can look forward to having clean laundry despite the bad weather. And instead of using your time and energy to hand-wash … Read more

Make the Switch to More Energy-Efficient Versions of These 6 Appliances

Shopping for new appliances often means vetting products based on quality, brand, specs, and price. While these are all important, one quality that shoppers must also look into is energy efficiency. High-quality, energy-efficient appliances work at optimal levels, but at the same time, they can significantly reduce your utility expenses by using up minimal amounts … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Even though you depend on your washing machine to clean clothes, towels, and other household linens, your appliance will eventually need some cleaning, too. Cleaning your washing machine is especially important during the rainy season, because the increase in humidity can encourage the growth of mold inside the appliance. A washing machine with detergent residue, … Read more

5 Home Office Design Tips that Boost Productivity

While work-from-home setups aren’t new, the COVID-19 pandemic caused remote and hybrid working arrangements to boom across practically every industry worldwide. And now that the coronavirus crisis has begun to recede, many employers have discovered that allowing their employees to work from home can be potentially beneficial in many ways. Home-based work setups have been … Read more

5 Tips for Keeping Your Electronics Safe During Storm Season

On average, the Philippines experiences around 20 typhoons and storms every year. We already know the usual precautions: stay indoors, stock up on supplies, and always close the doors and windows. But no matter how well-prepared you are, you’re still vulnerable to a lot of other risks if you don’t know how to keep your … Read more

6 Laundry Mistakes to Avoid This Rainy Season

Doing your laundry can be more challenging during the rainy season. Due to the gloomy weather, your clothes will take longer to dry and are more prone to developing musty odors. That’s why on days when the skies aren’t gray, it’s best to do your laundry as quickly as you can to take advantage of … Read more

Is Your Dirty Kitchen Protected From Rainy Weather?

As the rainy season begins, you need to ensure your home is prepared for the wet weather. This means inspecting spaces that are exposed to the elements and moisture, like your dirty kitchen. In the Philippines, many medium and large-sized homes have two kitchens. Having two separate kitchens makes it possible to maintain a pristine … Read more