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5 Smart Hacks to Maximize Your Android TV’s Features

Android technology goes beyond computers and smartphones. This operating system has also taken the popular pastime of watching TV to a whole new level with Android TV. When you buy Android TV, you get many amazing features such as on-demand streaming, personalized recommendations, and video gaming options. Compared to other smart TVs, the Android system allows you to fully customize your entertainment experience by adding apps and streaming from your smartphone.

Android technology is constantly evolving, so Android TVs are also improving and introducing new ways to enhance your viewing experience. As such, there’s always something you can look forward to as an Android TV owner. If you don’t want to miss out on the useful features and functionalities of your appliance, here are five smart hacks you should try with your Android TV:

Utilize the TV’s Voice Assistant

One of the features you can enjoy on your Android TV is its voice assistant. It allows you to control the different functions of your TV using voice commands. You can playback movies, turn up the volume, and get the weather report just by telling your TV to do so. And since your Android TV is connected to the internet, you can also do online searches just by telling it what you’re looking for. This is much easier than having to push several buttons or type out your search inquiry.

To maximize this feature, start by enabling voice activation in your TV’s settings. How you do this will largely depend on the TV model and operating system. For example, Google TVs are a more specialized type of Android TV. It’s built using the same system but uses a Google interface, so you can give it the same “Hey, Google” prompt as you would your smartphone to activate the voice assistant. On other Android TV models, you may need to use the microphone on the remote control to activate voice control and speak to the assistant.

Use Your Smartphone as TV Remote

While your TV remote does a fine job of adjusting the volume and changing the channels, using it to input text takes a bit longer. Having to move the character selection tool to input text is tedious, but there’s a quick fix for that. If you want to speed up the process, you can use your smartphone for this function. Once you activate the digital QWERTY keypad on your smartphone, you can use both hands to easily type passwords and perform online searches. You can also use your phone to navigate different apps and menus on the TV.

If you often misplace your remote control or run out of batteries, your smartphone can function as a secondary remote control for your TV. Simply download an app that allows your smartphone to access your TV, then use the same Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth to connect the two devices. Next, open the remote control app on your phone and follow the instructions to pair it with your TV. Once paired, you can use your smartphone to operate the TV controls.

Mirror Your Phone or Laptop

Many Android TVs have a mirroring feature that allows you to project videos, images, and other media from your smartphone or laptop to the TV screen without needing cables or connectors. This is an especially handy feature for when you have presentations or want to share a small screen with a larger audience. It’s also very simple to do as well. First, make sure your device and TV are connected to the same network. Open the media file or app you want to play from and look for the cast icon. Click it, and you can start viewing the media on your TV.

If you want to further enhance your viewing experience, consider getting a soundbar. This appliance can help create a more cinematic environment by enhancing your TV’s audio functions. You can easily connect the soundbar to your Android TV via Bluetooth, and if you’re mirroring from a smaller screen, the soundbar will improve the media’s audio output as well.

Personalize Your Home Screen

One of the best features of an Android TV is customization, and it starts with the home screen, where you can find your apps. The Android platform allows you to modify your home screen exactly as you want it to display. This feature is useful for setting your favorite apps on the home screen so you can quickly access them as soon as you turn your TV on.

The Android system allows you to select which apps to use and to add more from the thousands available in the Android app store. This means you can do a lot more with your Android TV than simply watch your shows. Simply go to the settings on your Android TV and look for the home screen menu. Here, you can choose which apps and TV functions you want to show up first as soon as you turn on your TV.

Use Data Saver Mode

Check your Android TV model and see if it has a data-saving mode. If so, activate it and save up the data that you use. Simply go to the settings and look for the “network” menu. From here, you can find the Data Saver option and access the data alert settings. Activating this can help you stay within your internet plan’s data limit. It’s also very handy for a household with multiple internet users, as you can maximize your available data without restricting anyone’s access.

If you’ve often wondered why smart TVs earned their moniker, the features of an Android TV will definitely give you more than your money’s worth. There are so many ways to maximize your usage, and all you need to do is make a few tweaks to your TV’s settings. Aside from these smart hacks, experiment with your appliance’s other functionalities. You might just stumble upon a new way to enhance your viewing experience at home.

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