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4 Clever Ways to Maximize Freezer Space

Making room for your freezer can be one of the more low-key but daunting challenges any homemaker can undertake. If you aren’t utilizing your freezer’s space efficiently, you aren’t getting the most out of this appliance. Maximizing your freezer space won’t only keep things organized, but it’ll also improve your freezer’s performance, help you reduce food waste, and save you time in meal preparation. Whether it’s your upright freezerchest freezer, or the freezer of your refrigerator, here are some tips you can follow to make better use of your freezer’s space.

Tips for Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are tall and come with a shelf-based design. Although they look similar to top and bottom freezer refrigerators, upright freezers are primarily used for freezing food. Thanks to their design, you can store a lot more food in an upright freezer than in a freezer of a standard refrigerator. To ensure that you’re using the space of your upright freezer optimally, here are a few things you can do:

1. Use Uniform, Stackable Containers When Storing Food

Since upright freezers are designed with shelves, you can easily fit dozens of containers inside. When choosing containers, however, it’s in your best interest to use rectangular containers that come in the same size. Containers that have the same shape and dimensions are easier to stack and can fill up the freezer’s space in a neater fashion.

2. Utilize the Freezer’s Door Storage

If your upright freezer comes with door storage, use it to your advantage. The freezer’s door is its warmest part, making it an excellent place to store butter, bread, nuts, and other small, frequently used items.

3. Divide the Space into Different Zones

Dividing your upright freezer’s shelving into different zones makes it easier to retrieve your frozen items. You can use the top shelf for meats, the second shelf for vegetables, the third shelf for frozen food, and so on.

Tips for Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are designed to keep massive quantities of food frozen, making them perfect appliances for supermarkets, small convenience stores, and food establishments. However, if you can’t keep your frozen items organized, you won’t be able to use the chest freezer’s space efficiently. Here are some practical solutions you can use to maximize the space of this type of freezer:

1. Layer Your Frozen Items According to Weight and Size

Because of how chest freezers are designed, it can be difficult to retrieve items that are located deep inside the freezer compartment. To make things simple, it’s a good idea to layer your frozen items strategically, with the heaviest and biggest items placed at the bottom and the lighter ones going to the top. This way, you won’t have a hard time accessing the bottom part of the freezer since the lighter items are easier to remove. Stacking your frozen goods this way will also prevent damage to the appliance.

2. Layer Your Frozen Items According to Frequent Use

Another layering strategy you can use is by organizing your frozen items according to what you use most. By placing the frozen meats, vegetables, and meals that you frequently take out on top, you can easily access them and save a lot of time when preparing your food.

3. Invest in Sturdy Freezer Bins

Freezer bins are great for keeping your frozen items organized without taking up too much space. These bins are typically designed with slotted sides so you can easily slot them inside the freezer and adjust them. They can also be used to divide the space of your chest freezer into different sections, keeping things organized as a result.

Tips for Refrigerator Freezers

Refrigerator freezers, whether they’re located on the top or bottom of the appliance, are the most common type of freezer used in households. They’re smaller compared to the two types of freezers mentioned above, so it can be challenging to make the most of their space. Nevertheless, with the following space-saving strategies, you’ll be able to maximize the space of your refrigerator freezer:

1. Place Frequently Used Items Upfront

Keeping your frequently used items at the front of your refrigerator freezer makes it easier for you to retrieve them. It also reduces the amount of time the freezer door stays open, helping you save energy and preserving the overall interior temperature as a result.

2. Store Things Flat Using Reusable Freezer Bags

Reusable freezer bags make perfect storage containers because they allow you to freeze your items flat. Laying your food flat inside the freezer gives you more room to store more items, ensuring that you’re able to use all the space the freezer provides.

3. Use the Right-Size Containers

You can also place your frozen items in stackable containers to make use of the freezer’s vertical space. Just remember to use containers that come in a uniform shape and size to ensure everything fits in the freezer.

General Tips for Maximizing Freezer Space

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Here are other tips you can follow to maximize the space of any type of freezer:

  • Label everything. Clearly labeling each item with its contents and freezing date will make them easier to find in your freezer. Creating labels will also reduce the amount of food you’ll waste since you’re keeping track of their freezing date.
  • Create a freezer inventory. Apart from labeling your frozen items, it’s also a good idea to create a freezer inventory. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s inside your freezer and help you avoid having to dig through the appliance and waste energy or buying excess food.
  • Keep your freezer at the right temperature. It’s ideal to keep your freezer’s temperature at -18°C. This temperature is perfect for keeping your items frozen without the risk of ice building up in the freezer. 
  • Clean out your freezer regularly. Cleaning out your freezer once every few months gives you the opportunity to remove expired food, as well as defrost the appliance. Regularly cleaning your freezer also reduces the risk of cross-contamination, improves the appliance’s performance, and increases its service life.

It can be challenging to maximize your freezer space. But when it’s done correctly, you’ll have an easier time accessing your frozen items, reducing your energy consumption, and keeping your freezer in good condition longer.

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