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  • Power Supply : 1Ph / 220V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 22,500 Btu/h (6,600 – 24,500)
  • Cooling Capacity :  6.59kW


  • Pre-filter
  • Deodorizing Filter (good for 3 months)
  • Dust and Odor Sensor Lamps
  • Electrostatic HEPA Filter
  • Air Purifying Operation
  • Applicable Room Area: 21.5 m²
  • Power Supply: 1 Phase, 220-240/220-230v, 50/60Hz

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Ensure comfortable and healthy interior spaces at home or in the office with the Daikin Split Type Aircon 2.5hp FTKF60CVA + Air Purifier MC30VVM-H. This combination of appliances cools and cleans the air, creating the most optimal environment for your family or employees. With this Daikin split-type inverter aircon, your interiors are kept cool without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, the Daikin air purifier filters out pollutants and allergens to prevent diseases and allergies.

Powered by a reliable 1Ph / 220V / 60Hz power supply, this Daikin air conditioner boasts exceptional cooling capacity. In particular, it delivers up to 22,500 Btu/h (6,600 to 24,500 kWh) to keep your space comfortably cool even in the Philippines’ incredibly hot weather. With a cooling capacity of 6.59 kW, it ensures rapid and consistent cooling performance, providing relief from scorching conditions.

But the benefits don’t end there. This Daikin split type aircon model also features energy-saving modes and intelligent temperature control, which helps you optimize comfort while reducing power consumption. Plus, with its whisper-quiet operation, you can enjoy peaceful surroundings without any distracting noise.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Daikin standard air purifier. Equipped with a pre-filter and deodorizing filter, it effectively removes dust, allergens, and odors from the air. As a result, you and your family can have a healthier indoor environment. For children suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders, an air purifier is a must, especially if you live in an urban area with poor air quality.

Other important features of this Daikin standard air purifier are the dust and odor sensor lamps. These indicators provide real-time feedback on air quality, while the electrostatic HEPA filter captures microscopic particles, ensuring pristine air quality for the room’s occupants.

Get ready for summer with the Daikin Split Type Aircon 2.5hp FTKF60CVA + Air Purifier MC30VVM-H. Get this amazing deal from Savers Appliances, a long-time and reliable appliances store in the Philippines. Enjoy the convenience of nationwide delivery and multiple payment options. Place your orders for office and home appliances today.

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