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  • Cyclonic Care Top Load Washing Machin
  • Cyclonic Care Pulsator
  • Air-Freshed Drying
  • Prism Drum
  • Tub Clean
  • Wool Function

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Washing machine cyclonic tub

Clean tub, cleaner clothes

The Cyclonic Tub Clean feature automatically cleans the tub when you do your laundry – clean water at the bottom of the outer tub is pushed up to clean the entire tub before the final spin. Keep the washing tub clean, while you do your daily laundry.

washing machine cyclonic care pulsator

Your clothes stay in shape

The Cyclonic Care Pulsator generates a powerful upward water flow so that your clothes are circulated evenly in the drum and do not clump. Achieve deeper clean with minimal friction so that your wash is tangle less and your precious clothes stay in shape for longer.

Washing machine prism drum

Gentle tumble, new for longer

The exclusive Prism drum minimizes wear and tear with its gentle tumbles that reduces friction and tangles.

Washing machine wash options

Variable wash options for better care

Customise your laundry experience. With this washing machine, you may decrease or increase the water level or let the built-in weight sensor determine the optimal water level required for your load. The Time Manager feature allows you to adjust washing, rinsing, and spin duration based on how dirty your clothes are.

Mother and daugther with folded sheets

Easy access and safe


The soft closing tempered glass lid is not only stylish but durable. It allows for gradual lid closure to ensure an injury-free and silent closing of the washing machine lid. The scratch-resistant flat surface can be used as an additional workspace in your laundry room and best of all, it’s easy to wipe clean.

If you’re looking for a washing machine that can offer a thorough cleaning while treating your clothes with care, then the Electrolux Washing Machine Top Load Pulsator 7.5kg. EWT7588H1WB has you covered. This model prevents clumping and tangling while providing a deeper clean, plus it also cleans itself after every use. Purchase this model from Savers Appliances Philippines today for your home.

Many households in the Philippines depend on their washing machines to keep their clothes clean. The Electrolux Washing Machine Top Load Pulsator 7.5kg. EWT7588H1WB does that and more. This top loading washing machine has a Cyclonic Care Pulsator and a Prism drum, both features that enable it to clean fabrics thoroughly while maintaining the integrity of each piece of clothing. The model is designed to prevent fabrics from clumping and tangling, thus preserving the shape of the garments. What’s more, the model can clean itself through its Cyclonic Tub Care feature, which rinses the entire tub before the final spin.

On top of these features, the Electrolux Washing Machine EWT7588H1WB offers a custom washing experience. The unit enables you to control the water level, or you can let it configure the optimal amount of water to clean its current load. The washing, rinsing, and spinning of the machine can also be customized according to your preferences. Once you’re set, simply close the tempered glass lid and let the appliance do its job.

Add this model to your home so you can give your clothes the gentle yet thorough cleaning they deserve. Purchase this stylish, durable, and practical washing machine model from Savers Appliances today. Our appliances store offers both pick-up and delivery services, and accepts a wide range of convenient payment options.

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