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  • 15-Minute Wash Time
  • Unique Cylindrical Tub
  • Megamouth
  • Kujira Drive
  • Lint Filter
  • Over-Hand Scrubber Lid
  • All Plastic Body
  • Rust-free Rat Proof Base



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For many Filipino homeowners, air conditioners are important investments. Factors like type, model, and size influence the cost of ownership, which includes installation, maintenance, repairs, and energy bills. Those who want an upgrade from the conventional window-type aircon must have the assurance that their new unit is energy-efficient, powerful, and built to last. Luckily, all those qualities can be found in a model like the Sharp AH-XS15VF J-Tech Split Type Aircon Inverter 1.5HP.

The Sharp AH-XS15VF is a split-type air conditioner, which means that it possesses an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit handles the aircon’s compressor and condenser. The indoor unit is responsible for vaporizing cooled refrigerant and distributing cold air into the room, as well as filtering it of dust and bacteria. This aircon’s J-Tech inverter technology makes it capable of precise, energy-efficient cooling. In addition, it utilizes a Coanda airflow system, which directs air upwards in order to cool a room more quickly. Combined, these two technologies will make a noticeable difference to your electricity consumption. And as far as comfort is concerned, the Sharp AH-XS15VF also delivers. The lowest temperature it can reach is a chilly 14 °C, which you will be thankful for on hot summer days. This aircon also sports a Baby Mode and Best Sleep Mode, guaranteeing quiet and restful nights for all members of the family.

If you’re going to upgrade your current air conditioning system and buy your first split-type inverter aircon, make Savers Appliances your retailer of choice. We offer items like the Sharp AH-XS15VF J-Tech Split Type Aircon Inverter 1.5HP at some of the best prices on the market. We also ship to any Philippine address, so you can enjoy the convenience of having your aircon delivered straight to your doorstep. Get the Sharp AH-XS15VF at a discounted price from Savers Appliances today!

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