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  • 15-Minute Wash Time
  • Unique Cylindrical Tub
  • Megamouth
  • Kujira Drive
  • Lint Filter
  • All Plastic Body
  • Over-Hand Scrubber Lid
  • Rust-free Rat Proof Base

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Washing machines add convenience to laundry duties. However, to make the most of this home appliance, you have to get a unit that suits your needs. There are a ton of washing machine models to choose from but if you’re looking for a twin tub model that has a powerful motor, the Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine 6.5KG ES-6535T is a great choice. Get yours today by ordering from the Savers Appliances website. The Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine 6.5KG ES-6535T is an excellent washing machine that meets the laundry needs of many Filipino households. Its unique cylindrical, megamouth tub design can handle up to 6.5kg of clothes at a time, which means that you can wash a good amount of your laundry per load. This washing machine also boasts a 15-minute wash time, making your laundry duties quicker and easier. Moreover, it’s designed with a lint filter to ensure that your clothes aren’t fuzzy after washing. What’s more, this Sharp washing machine comes with a rust-free rat proof base so you can place it anywhere in your home and not worry about it being attacked by vermin. What makes the Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine 6.5KG ES-6535T a notch above the other manual, twin-tub washing machines is its Kujira drive motor. This component is designed to mimic the movement of a whale’s fin, enabling the washing machine to whirl faster and generate more bubbles to deliver an efficient laundry experience. Order your Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine 6.5KG ES-6535T through the Savers Appliances website today. As one of the leading names in the appliances retail industry in the Philippines, we’re dedicated to providing you a hassle-free way to shop for appliances for sale online. Thanks to our user-friendly website, you can easily browse through our catalog of appliances for sale and make a purchase in minutes. What’s more, we deliver to any location in the country, so no matter where you are in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, you can rest assured your order will be delivered to you on time. If you have any questions, visit our Customer Care page and fill out the form.

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Weight146.64 kg
Dimensions58.3 × 91.7 × 96 cm
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