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  • 15-Minute Timer
  • Cylindrical Tub Design
  • Rust-Free (All Plastic Body)
  • Strong Wash Action (using Kujira Pulsator)
  • Soap Caddy
  • Detachable Lid Basin
  • Rat Proof Base


Most people tend to steer clear of doing the laundry by hand, if they can help it. Not only is it a cumbersome chore, but all of that scrubbing with harsh soaps can be very damaging to the hands. Savers Appliances has a solution for those looking for a basic washing machine that can get the job done. Discover what makes the Sharp ES-WP75 Washer 7.5KG so great for urban dwellers on a budget.

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Filipinos have patronized household appliances from Japanese brand Sharp for years, secure in the knowledge that the company won’t let them down. Few brands have built up such a strong reputation in the country, and for good reason—Sharp is known for the reliability of their products, and their appliances have been fixtures in many homes in the Philippines for decades.

The Sharp ES-WP75 Washer 7.5KG is a practical solution to a modern-day problem. Everyone knows that washing clothes by hand can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have to do a lot of them. This single-tub washing machine significantly simplifies what would otherwise be an arduous task. With its 7.5-kilogram capacity, it should be able to make quick work of a standard load of laundry. It’s equipped with a Kujira Pulsator that offers strong wash action, as well as its own 15-minute timer, eliminating the need to keep watch while it does its work. The sleek, all-plastic cylindrical tub design means that this washer will stay rust-free for life. Finally, it also has a soap caddy for easy storage of your laundry detergent and saving space on your shelves.

This product is best for urban dwellers who may not have much space in their homes for a full-sized washing machine. The Sharp ES-WP75 Washer proves that even a basic washer can pack a lot of power. Get yours today by shopping at your nearest Savers Appliances!

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Weight93.73 kg
Dimensions58 × 56 × 101 cm
Washer Capacity

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