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Key Specs:

  • 48 sqm.
  • 25000 High Density Plasmacluster Ion Generator with Mircon- Mesh Prefilter
  • HEPA Filter
  • HAZE Mode and Sleep Mode. Filter replacement indicator.
  • Coanda Airflow Anti-dust Mode

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Humidifying – Humidifying SystemNatural vaporization
Operation ModesMax / Med / Auto / Sleep
Voltage/frequency (V, Hz)220-240, 50-60
Inverter OperationYes
Light Control ButtonYes ( Bright/ Off)
Dimension (WxHxD) mm416 x 728 x 291
Net Weight (kg)10

Ensure the quality of the air you breathe in your home by getting the Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60E-W. With this air purifier, you can ensure that you and your loved ones have a constant flow of clean air in your space. This air purifier from Sharp is ideal for rooms up to 48 sqm, making it a perfect option for condo units, studio apartments, and living rooms. It also makes use of inverter technology, so it consumes less energy while working. It’s definitely a beneficial appliance for your home and luckily, you can purchase it from Savers Appliances today. Clean air whenever you need it—that’s what you can expect from the Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60E-W. This air purifier is a great investment if you want to be absolutely certain that your family is breathing is clean and fresh air. The unit comes with 3 standard modes: Max, Med, and Sleep. This means that you can choose which mode best suits your current needs, matching its energy consumption with your level of usage. In addition, this Sharp air purifier comes with a Haze Mode that you can activate if the air quality in and around your space is especially poor. This Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60E-W employs Plasmacluster Ion purification, an original Sharp sanitizing technology. This technology emits positive and negative ions, deactivating suspended airborne mold, viruses, dust mite allergens, and bacteria. The 3-step filtration process—which is enabled by the 25,000 High-density Plasmacluster Ion Generation with micron-mesh prefilter—also includes a HEPA dust filter, which is known for its exceptional ability to capture small particles and allergens. Other convenient features of the Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60E-W include an auto-restart function and child lock. It also comes with a built-in filter replacement indicator, which will help you maintain the purifier in optimum performance conditions. Elevate your living space with the Sharp Air Purifier FP-J60E-W. Buy it and other Sharp appliances for sale from Savers Appliances. We deliver anywhere in the Philippines and accept a wide range of payment options. Shop with Savers Appliances today!

Additional information

Weight12.5 kg
Dimensions35.6 × 48.4 × 79.9 cm


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