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  •  50 cm Cooking Range
  •  3 Gas Burner
  •  Thermostat Controlled Oven
  •  Minute Minder
  •  Easy to Clean & Extra Large Oven
  •  Gas Oven
  •  Oven Safety Valve
  •  Powerful Burners
  •  Stainless Steel Cooktop
  •  Metal Hinge
  •  Comfort Move Oven Door Hinges
  •  Double Glass Oven Door
  •  Mirror Glass Finish
  •  Tempered Glass Cover
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If you’re looking for a powerful gas range and oven for your kitchen, you should consider the Fujidenzo Cooking Range Matte Black FGR-5530VTMB as one of your options. This cooking range has 3 gas burners and 1 large capacity oven, all powered by electric ignition, so you never have to light your appliance manually. Order one for your kitchen in the Philippines now at Savers Appliances.

The Fujidenzo Cooking Range Matte Black FGR-5530VTMB is a powerful gas range that has three gas burners and an oven. It’s a Full Electric Ignition range so you never have to light the burners or oven with a match or lighter. The burners even come in three different sizes to handle all your pots and pans, which is ideal whether you’re cooking for yourself or your friends and family. Moreover, the cooktop is made with Stainless Steel, so it has a silver finish and is easy to clean.

Aside from its powerful gas range, the Fujidenzo cooking range also features a Thermostat Controlled Oven. Simply press and turn its designated knob, and you can start baking. It even comes with a Minute Minder timer to help you keep track of your baking time. In addition, the oven has a 62L capacity so it can handle large baking dishes or whole chickens. Despite the oven’s large cavity, opening and closing its Tempered Glass Door is made easier by its Comfort Move Oven Door Hinges. And just like the gas range, the oven is easy to clean and maintain.

You can purchase the Fujidenzo cooking range at an appliances store like Savers Appliances. We accept payment via credit card, bank deposit, or cash on delivery for a fast and easy transaction. You can even have it delivered for free if you live within select locations nationwide.

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Weight35 kg
Dimensions61 × 50 × 90 cm


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