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  • Sensor-controlled Front Load Heat Pump Automatic Dryer
  • High efficiency, high durability, low noise
  • Perfect drying, no colour bleeding
  • Wave-like drum action for gentler treatment
  • Reversible Glass Door Type
  • Condense Efficiency Class33

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Drying 10 kilos of clothes can be a challenge during the rainy season in the Philippines, but this is not an issue when you have the Beko Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 10kg DH10444RX0. This front-load automatic dryer features a heat pump that can dry your clothes while keeping them in excellent condition, all while consuming minimum energy. Get it from Savers Appliances today.

Dry clothes quickly at any time with the Beko Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 10kg DH10444RX0. This sleek automatic dryer is designed to fit small spaces while adding a great deal of functionality to any home. In addition to its clean, white exterior, the Beko DH10444RX0 consumes minimal energy while giving you the capability to dry up to 10 kilos of clothes in a single load. The unit will especially complement condominium homes where space is at a premium and where noise must be kept to a minimum as much as possible.

To dry clothes in an efficient manner, this dryer makes use of a heat pump with an automatic sensor. In fact, it has an A++ energy efficiency class rating. Its capacity to conserve energy doesn’t come at the cost of its performance either. After all, it’s designed to preserve the color and form of clothes through its EcoGentle drying technology and paddle-like design in the drum.

Get the Beko DH10444RX0 for your home today and enjoy quicker and quieter drying of your clothes. Our appliances store offers pick-up and delivery services, and we accept COD, bank transfers, and online payments for purchases made on our website.

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Weight52 kg
Dimensions65 × 66.5 × 88.5 cm
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