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Cost Saving with Optimum Cooling According to Your Lifestyle

AI ECONAVI determines lifestyle patterns of your whole family using its intelligent sensor system, regardless of whether you are in or out of the house. These patterns ensure optimum cooling and energy performance at all times.
Clean Air Surrounds Your Food

Ag Clean keeps the air in the refrigerator clean with a special filter. It deactivates 99.9%* of bacteria and removes odors to keep your food clean and fresh smelling.
Prevent Odors Mixing with a Dedicated Compartment

The unique Ag Hygiene Zone design to store meat, fish and other strong-smelling items prevents the spread of odors for hygienic storage.
Hygienic Storage with Blue Ag

Blue Ag keeps the inside of Extra Cool Zone hygienic while eliminating 99.99%* of bacteria. Enjoy healthy meals prepared with clean ingredients.
Enjoy the Extra-Cold Delight
The Extra Cool Zone is ideal for cooling drinks or food quickly. The antibacterial cover cools items at approx. 2°C, slightly colder than the regular fridge compartment at approx. 4°C

Freshness Storage with Wide Opening
The Wide Fresh Case maintains the ideal 90%* humidity that keeps them crisp fresh longer. Thanks to the flap, it lets you store even large vegetables and fruits easily.

Sleek and Minimalist Design
The simple, stylish, and flat look matches the interior of any kitchen. Seamless surfaces from corner to corner also make cleaning easy.

User-Friendly Storage
1. Twist for ice cubes
2. Flexibility with adjustable shelves
3. 150 kg Tempered Glass Shelves
4. Sliding 1-2 Shelf accommodates tall items

Additional information

Weight65 kg
Dimensions65.7 × 65 × 178.5 cm
Refrigerator Capacity

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