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5 Things That Every Office Pantry Should Have

Given that employees spend at least eight hours a day at the office, it stands to reason that they deserve a proper place to rest and unwind within the premises. In most cases, companies provide a pantry area for their employees to use during breaks. This room gives your hardworking staff an appropriate space to take their meals and mingle with their colleagues without distracting other people.

That said, an office pantry should have more than just a table and a few chairs if it’s to adequately serve your employees’ needs. Practical amenities, such as the inclusion of some appliances, can go a long way towards providing small comforts and helping workers maximize their break times. So, to help you identify what your office pantry should include, we’ve listed five basic pantry items and why your office needs them.


Eating out on a daily basis can be a big expense, so most money-savvy employees opt to bring packed lunches. If your workers are bringing food from home, these items are usually perishable and will therefore need to be chilled. With this in mind, you should buy a refrigerator so employees don’t have to worry about their meals going bad. A fridge is one of the most important pantry fixtures, as it’ll preserve the freshness of bread, rice, and ulam, with the added benefit of cooling everyone’s drinks. Of course, there’s also the occasional office birthday celebration, so it’ll be the perfect place to store the cake or ice cream before serving.

Your office refrigerator doesn’t need to be from an expensive brand or have fancy features. A regular fridge will suffice, as long as it has enough storage to keep everyone’s food fresh, at least for the day.

Coffee Maker or Electric Kettle

For many, a cup of coffee is essential for helping them feel alert and energetic throughout the day. After all, coffee to a caffeine-lover is like fuel to a car—it’s necessary for powering them up. Getting a coffee maker ensures that your employees are able to get their caffeine fix. Having a ready pot of coffee in the pantry allows them to boost their energy levels without needing to step out for a cup.

Alternatively, some employees prefer the convenience of instant coffee. It requires less time to prepare, and using a 3-in-1 mix means they don’t need to add anything apart from hot water. Make sure that this is always readily available by including an electric kettle in the pantry.

Microwave Oven

There’s arguably nothing worse than eating a cold meal that’s meant to be enjoyed warm. This situation may frequently occur for workers who prepared their food the night before or early in the morning. Storing their packed lunch in the fridge when they get into the office is also a must if they don’t want to risk food spoilage.

A warm meal can revive anyone who is feeling tired or stressed, so if you want your workers to feel re-energized, give them a means to reheat their meals. It doesn’t even need to be an entire gas stove setup. All it takes is a trusty microwave oven that’ll warm your employees’ meals up in a minute. Additionally, the microwave can also be used to heat liquids such as water and milk, so it can function as a backup in case the electric kettle malfunctions.


Eating while standing up can be one of the most uncomfortable positions ever. In that case, there’s no better way to show your employees that you care than by providing ample furniture in the office pantry. Employees will, after all, need not only a place to eat but also an area to rest during their breaks. With that in mind, you should invest in comfortable tables and chairs to provide a relaxing break area for everyone.

Furthermore, installing countertops is also important as they provide dedicated spaces for food preparation and storage for small appliances. You can install drawers and cabinets for storing pantry supplies so they don’t clutter up the area.

Cleaning Supplies

Pantries can become very messy if they’re not properly maintained. Food crumbs can litter tables and floors, while used mugs, utensils, and plates will need washing. Therefore, cleaning supplies are a must-have for keeping the office pantry clean and orderly. Add a broom and paper towels, and keep the sink stocked with dishwashing soap and sponges. Providing adequate cleaning equipment will encourage your employees to clean after themselves and maintain the quality of their shared break area.

Well-rested employees have higher productivity potential, so creating spaces and providing structures that promote their well-being can only benefit the company. Having an office pantry is one easy way to show your appreciation and care, so make sure to include amenities that can help workers get through the daily grind.

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