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How to Achieve a Dust-Free Home

Did you know that dust is not just dirt, but a mixture of sloughed-off skin cells, bacteria, soil particles, hair, clothing fibers, specks of plastic, dust mites, and fragments of dead insects? If that grosses you out, you probably want to put more effort into preventing the accumulation of dust in your living space. Otherwise, all the said icky particles will settle on the surfaces of your furniture and circulate in the air, which could eventually lead to unpleasant health outcomes like allergies and respiratory issues.

Besides using a damp microfiber cloth to regularly wipe down surfaces, you can employ different methods to prevent dust from accumulating in your home and putting your health at risk. From using helpful devices to keeping a regular cleaning routine, this piece will help you learn different ways to keep your abode dust-free.

Use an Air Purifier

If you don’t already have one, you may want to buy air purifier online, as this device can significantly reduce dust and improve the overall air quality inside your home. Air purifiers work by trapping dust, pollutants, and other particles in the air before they have time to settle on your countertops, tables, and other belongings. Keep them running 24/7, and you’ll significantly reduce dust particles inside your home and cut your cleaning time in half.

Look for units with a HEPA filter, as it’s the most effective at filtering dust. You may also want to search for models that suit a larger area than the size of your living space so that you can operate the air purifier at a low level and keep noise to a minimum.

Vacuum Often

A good vacuum cleaner is another appliance that can help you achieve a dust-free home. Consider vacuuming carpets, area rugs, and anything made of fabric at least twice a week or daily if you have furry pets. Don’t wait for these items to appear dirty before vacuuming because there’s a high chance that dust particles have accumulated deep into the fabric without being visible.

Moreover, remember to clean your ceiling and walls, as they tend to gather dust and cobwebs. You may use the dust brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner and the extension hose for this purpose, working your way from the top down for a more thorough cleaning. Make sure to empty your vacuum cleaner regularly, or else there’s a chance it will blow dust particles back out and undo your cleaning efforts.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Well-Maintained

Aside from keeping you cool and comfortable, air conditioners are also effective in reducing the amount of dust inside your home. As the aircon removes heat and humidity from the air inside the room, the filter collects or traps dust particles before releasing cool, clean air. That’s why you should keep your aircon units clean and well-maintained, especially the air filters.

Using filthy, clogged, or damaged filters can affect the unit’s cooling efficiency and ability to capture dust and debris in the air. Your aircon may even spread dirt and dust particles through the room it’s cooling when you fail to clean the air filter regularly.

Cover Hard-To-Reach Areas with Newspaper

Dusting high surfaces and hard-to-reach spots, such as the tops of bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and refrigerators, can be taxing, especially if you have a busy schedule. As such, you may want to cover these areas with newspapers or recycled papers so that you can just throw them away and replace them frequently instead of dusting or vacuuming these spots.

Enforce a “No Shoes Inside the House” Rule

It’s no surprise that shoe bottoms are filthy. They carry dust, dirt, and other particles that can contaminate your home. One study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology even revealed that shoe soles contain numerous microbiological pathogens that cause diseases. That’s why having a “no shoes inside the house” policy makes perfect sense to keep your home dust- and germ-free.

Many Filipino households may already be following the “no shoes in the house” rule, but it can be difficult to enforce the same policy for your guests. If you choose to have them follow it as well, consider making concessions to make it easier for them to adapt. For example, you may want to create a small landing space for shoes near the entrance where your guests can remove and store their footwear temporarily. Consider providing guests with house slippers so they don’t have to walk around barefoot or in their socks while at your home.

Reduce the Use of Fabric Items

When shopping for furniture pieces or decorative elements, consider non-fabric options, as textiles trap and create dust. Look for materials that can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or wiping with a soft cloth, such as wood, leather, and plastic. For instance, instead of using curtains that attract and retain dust, you may opt for roller shades that are less likely to collect dust since they’re encased above the window when rolled up and can be wiped clean effortlessly.

Keeping your home dust-free is essential for maintaining a lovely and well-kept living space and ensuring the health and well-being of your family. After all, dust can trigger allergies and asthma attacks and cause many other health issues. As such, you may want to take the above strategies to heart and continue adopting habits that can significantly reduce and prevent dust from accumulating in your home. The process may take time, effort, and consistency, but the rewards are worth the trouble.

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