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Is the scorching Philippine heat finally getting to you? Are you looking for a way to make your living or working space cooler and more comfortable? With Savers Appliances’ aircon deals, a new air conditioning unit doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Explore our catalog now to find both window-type and split-type air conditioners from leading brands like Carrier, Condura, LG, and TCL.

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    Carrier Split Type Aircon Alpha Series
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    • Cooling Capacity: 9,400 (3,240 – 10,800) kJ/hr
    • Power Consumption: 800 (250 – 1,050) Watts
    • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 11.8 (13.0 – 10.3) kJ/W-h
    • Thunder Surge Protection and Noise Filter
    • Fireproof Electrical Box
    • Double Clean System
    Aircon Capacity : 1.0HP
    Aircon Technology : Remote - Timer
    Other Technology : Inverter
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    TCL Split Type Aircon Inverter
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    • 820W
    • EER:11.6
    • Cooling Capacity: 9,496 Kj/h
    • R410A Green Refrigerant
    • Timer
    • Auto Restart


    Beat the scorching Philippine heat with a split-type air conditioner that delivers powerful cooling without adding on too much to your electric bill! The TCL TAC-09CSA/KEI Split Type Aircon Inverter 1HP is one of the Chinese brand’s sleekest, most feature-packed models. Energy efficient and reasonably priced, it’s the perfect addition to your home. Get it now only here at Savers Appliances.

    Aircon Capacity : 1.0HP
    Aircon Technology : Remote - Timer
    Other Technology : Inverter
    Extended Warranty : No Warranty Extension - LEX Extended Warranty - 12 months - LEX Extended Warranty - 24 months
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    TCL Window Type Aircon
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    • Capacity: 1.0HP
    • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 10.8
    • Cooling Capacity: 9000h


    Living in a tropical country like the Philippines can be unbearable without a good air conditioner. With the TCL TAC-09CWM/F Window Type Aircon 1.0HP, you don’t have to endure long summer days in discomfort. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, as it surely packs a punch with a heavy-duty compressor that can output a cooling capacity of 9,360 kJ per hour. Beat the heat today and buy this unit now from Savers Appliances.

    Aircon Capacity : 1.0HP
    Aircon Technology : Manual
    Other Technology : Non-Inverter
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    Daikin Air Purifier
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    • Pre-filter
    • Deodorizing Filter (good for 3 months)
    • Dust and Odor Sensor Lamps
    • Electrostatic HEPA Filter
    • Air Purifying Operation
    • Applicable Room Area: 21.5 m²
    • Power Supply: 1 Phase, 220-240/220-230v, 50/60Hz
    • Weight: 5.0kg
    • Dimension(HxWxD): 455x280x189mm
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    Panasonic Split Type Aircon Deluxe Inverter
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    • Cooling Capacity: 11,020 kJ/h
    • EER: 14.69
    • 24 Hours Purification
    • Further, Faster and Concentrated Airflow
    • ECO mode with A.I. Control
    Aircon Capacity : 1.5HP
    Aircon Technology : Remote - Timer
    Other Technology : Inverter
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    Whirlpool Air Purifier
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    • 6th Sense Technology
    • Can filter particles from PM 2.5 to PM 0.3
    • 306 m3/hr CADR rate
    • 3.4/hr ACH
    • 99.8% Tanning Efficiency
    • Odor Sensor
    • Dust Sensor
    • Filter Cleaning Indicator
    • Air Quality Level Indicator
    • Input Power: 65W


    Make sure that the air inside your home or office is pure and clean by purchasing the Whirlpool AP-636W Air Purifier 37sqm from Savers Appliances. A product of the trusted appliances brand Whirlpool, this air purifier is capable of sensing dust and odor-causing particles and filtering these out of the air. Breathe easy when you buy this air purifier from our website or from any one of our physical stores!

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    LG LA100FC
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    • Non-Inverter
    • Top Discharge Even Flow
    • R32 Eco-Friedly Refrigerant
    • 4-Way Air Deflection
    • Auto Swing
    • Energy Saving Mode
    • With Remote Control
    • 815 Watts
    • EER Rating Capacity: 11.0
    Aircon Capacity : 1.0HP
    Aircon Technology : Remote - Timer
    Other Technology : Non-Inverter
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    Sharp Air Purfier Black
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    Key Specs:

    • 23 sqm.
    • 7000 High Density Plasmacluster Ion Generator with Mircon-Mesh Prefilter
    • HEPA Filter
    • HAZE Mode and Sleep Mode
    • Filter Replacement Indicator

Air conditioners make indoor spaces more livable and comfortable for their occupants by drawing the hot air from a room, exposing it to a refrigerant to cool it down, and using a fan to blow it back into the space. The heat absorbed by the unit’s evaporator is then dumped outdoors through its condenser. With temperatures on the rise and making Philippine summers downright unbearable, these appliances have now become essential to many homes, offices, and commercial establishments.

Savers Appliances lives up to our name with our extensive selection of money-saving aircon deals. You can now bring home a window-type or split-type air conditioning unit that suits your needs at a price that you can easily afford. We offer a wide variety of models from some of the most trusted brands on the market through our ecommerce shop as well as at our many physical locations.

Beat the heat with a reliable aircon from Savers Appliances now!