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  • ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkles up to 1/3.*
  • Sensors adjust cycles to reduce wear and tear.
  • ColourCare reduces fading by up to 80%*.

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Drying your clothes improperly can lead to fading, fraying, holes, and rips, but a modern, smart dryer can help minimize damage. The Electrolux Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 7.5kg EDV754H3WB comes equipped with built-in sensors that adjust cycles automatically, reducing wear and tear on your garments. Buy your own from Savers Appliances Philippines today and experience hassle-free laundry!

If you’re used to older dryers that put your clothes through harsh, damaging spin cycles, then you’ll love more contemporary models like the Electrolux Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 7.5kg EDV754H3WB. The unit comes equipped with smart sensors that accurately gauge how dry your clothes are and modify the cycle times automatically. Its reverse-tumbling function uses alternating drum movements to prevent clothes from tangling together and reduce wrinkles by up to one-third in comparison to hang-drying.

The Electrolux Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 7.5kg EDV754H3WB is also the perfect dryer to invest in if you need to get your laundry done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Its 7.5-kg drum and fast-timed cycles ensure that you can dry family-sized loads thoroughly in minutes. It also comes with a color-care feature to preserve clothing’s colors and prevent fading.

All told, the Electrolux Front Load Dryer Washing Machine 7.5kg EDV754H3WB achieves the perfect combination of gentleness and efficiency when it comes to drying your laundry. You can find it and other top-quality appliances for sale online at Savers Appliances Philippines. Order within select coverage areas and you can even enjoy free shipping on your purchase!

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Weight32.5 kg
Dimensions65 × 63.8 × 87.5 cm
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