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  • 15-Minute Wash Time
  • Unique Cylindrical Tub
  • Megamouth
  • Kujira Drive
  • Lint Filter
  • Over-Hand Scrubber Lid
  • All Plastic Body
  • Rust-free Rat Proof Base

If you’re planning to invest in your very first washing machine for your home, consider a model like the Sharp ES-8535T Twin Tub Washing Machine 8.5KG. Reliable, affordable, and easy to use, this machine will help you take care of your household’s laundry needs. Buy one today at a great discount at Savers Appliances, one of the Philippines’ most trusted retailers of home appliances!



Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to save up a fortune just to buy your very own washing machine. One of the most practical choices available in the market is the twin tub washing machine. One tub contains the pulsator and is meant for washing clothes. The other tub is meant for rapidly spin-drying clothes in order to shake off remaining moisture. A machine that allows you to do both tasks in the same space is a useful one indeed. Not only do you save space, but you also save time doing laundry because you can wash and dry different batches at the same time.

The Sharp ES-8535T Twin Tub Washing Machine 8.5KG is one such machine that’s great for small households, apartments, or dormitory-style accommodations. Manufactured by one of the world’s most well-loved consumer appliance brands, the Sharp ES-8535T promises both good washing performance and value for money. The two tubs sport a sensible, wide-mouthed cylindrical design that makes it a breeze to load up to 8.5 kg of laundry. The washer tub comes equipped with more powerful pulsator technology than previous models, ensuring a clean and hygienic laundry cycle. Other notable features include a lint filter, a 15-minute wash timer, durable all-plastic construction, and a base that sports a rat-repellent coating.

Make the Sharp ES-8535T Twin Tub Washing Machine 8.5KG a fixture in your home by ordering one today. You can get this already affordable machine at a discount at Savers Appliances, an appliance retailer with some of the best prices in the market. Place your order online, and let us take care of shipping to your address in the Philippines. Shop for the Sharp ES-8535T Twin Tub Washing Machine 8.5KG and other essential home items here at Savers Appliances!

-Unique Cylindrical Tub


-Lint Filter

-All Plastic Body

Additional information

Weight27 kg
Dimensions60 × 99.1 × 97.1 cm
Other Technology

Washer Capacity

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