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  • 1.8 cubic feet
  • Bar Refrigerator
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • Adjustable leg
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Unit dimension:  450x470x505mm

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Planning to get a new bar-sized refrigerator this summer? Keep snacks, soft drinks, and other consumables cool with the Hanabishi Ref 1Door-M 1.8cu.ft. HASREF-18. With 1.8 cubic feet worth of space and a separate freezer compartment, it’s a great option for stocking small refreshments. Get one of your own here at Savers Appliances Philippines!

When you want to keep small consumable items cold and fresh but you don’t have enough space for a big refrigerator, a bar-sized refrigerator is a good compromise. These handy mini refrigerators are best installed in bedrooms, family rooms, and other living quarters for the full convenience of the space’s occupants. You can keep beverages, fruits, snacks, and small trays of ice in a bar-sized refrigerator like the Hanabishi Ref 1Door-M 1.8cu.ft. HASREF-18.

This reliable little refrigerator from the Japanese-inspired Hanabishi brand offers 1.8 cubic feet of storage space, plus a separate freezer compartment. It also has an easily adjustable set of mechanical temperature controls. Installing it into your space is easy and convenient. The Hanabishi HASREF-18 also comes with adjustable legs that you can easily modify to your needs. Thanks to its economical and practical qualities, this refrigerator will make an excellent addition to your small space.

You’ll find the Hanabishi Ref 1Door-M 1.8cu.ft. HASREF-18 and other affordably priced appliances for sale here at the Savers Appliances’ online store. You can pay for it with cash on delivery (COD), bank deposit, or credit card. Get an excellent deal on one for your home, and enjoy hassle-free shipping to any address in the Philippines!


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Weight17 kg
Dimensions52 × 50 × 55 cm


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