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  • High Quality Motor
  • Rapid Cooling
  • Energy Efficient
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • R-410A Refrigerant

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The energy-efficient Kolin Window Type Aircon .8HP KAG-80HME4 will keep your room cool even during the warmest summer months. If you’re looking for a high-quality aircon that’s energy-saving and will last for years, this is the right choice. It’s a great way to keep your family cool without worrying about high electricity bills. Order it today here at Savers Appliances! We provide convenient payment options and delivery services to any location in the Philippines.

The most efficient, economical, and expedient window type air conditioner in the country, meet Kolin’s advanced window type, the E-Series unit! With its improved performance, it will surely provide you the best cooling experience that you deserve. It has a new panel design that is can easily fit any type of interior design.

This air conditioner uses R410A, an eco-friendly refrigerant that contributes to lessening the ozone depletion to our environment, making the air safer to breathe. Same proven durability that will last for years!

Full size, with a bigger design that maximizes the cooling capacity of an area.

With a higher EER up to 11.4, unlike any other window types, it guarantees an efficient cooling process as well as, better energy consumption.


The best comfort should start inside your family’s home. Treat your family with Kolin E-Series window type units and provide your home a high-quality cooling experience as well as increased power savings during cooling operation when compared to other brands.

Selecting a dependable air conditioning unit is important for Filipino households, most especially during the hottest days of the year. But many homeowners worry about their energy consumption whenever they use an aircon. This keeps their families from enjoying its cooling benefits at home. However, with the energy-saving Kolin Window Type Aircon .8HP KAG-80HME4, it’s possible to save on your energy bills while keeping your family cool.

This Kolin aircon comes with an 11.4 EER rating which is a higher energy efficiency rating than most average window-type aircon units. It cools your room more efficiently, allowing you to save more on electricity costs. It also features a rapid cooling capability that brings down your room’s temperature more quickly. Now, you don’t have to wait for a long time to feel cool and relaxed whenever you switch on your aircon. Aside from its energy efficiency and rapid cooling technology, it also keeps air in your room clean. You’ll benefit from its anti-bacterial filter that cleans dust, debris, and pollen that circulates in your room’s air. And with its modern panel design, it can easily fit in any interior space.

Invest in a high-quality aircon and buy the Kolin Window Type Aircon .8HP KAG-80HME4 now at Savers Appliances. Our complete appliances store provides a wide selection of appliances that will suit any home. We offer great deals along with easy payment options, including COD and online payment for orders. Our store also provides delivery services for orders to any location in the Philippines.

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