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  • AI Direct Drive
  • Turbo Wash™ 360˚
  • Steam+
  • ThinQ
  • Auto Dose

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Thoroughly Gentle Yet Incredibly Fast

Intelligent Care with 18% More Fabric Protection
AI DD™ offers optimized wash to protect your laundry by sensing fabric softness automatically.

Precise yet Flexible Amount of Dosage
ezDispense™ automatically releases the appropriate amount of detergent and its softener compartment can be used for up to 35 loads of extra detergent.

Thoroughly Clean in 39 minutes
With TurboWash™360˚, your laundry can be thoroughly done in just 39 minutes with more fabric protection. 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles which reaches every inch of your laundry.

Bigger Capacity
Bigger Capacity in the Same Space
Get a bigger drum capacity in the same size!
More Durable and Hygienic
Boosted externals, durable tempered glass door, developed hygienic and enduring stainless lifter.

Available with TWINWash™ Mini
Plus a TWINWash™ Mini according to your preferences to suit your lifestyle and interior design needs. Save you time and money in your busy life.

Treat your family to super-fresh, clean clothes laundered by this LG Front Load Combo Washing Machine Inverter 13kg/8kg FV1413H2BA. This new generation of smart washing machines is powered by AI DD or artificial intelligence direct drive technology. This feature ensures optimum washing performance while providing 18% better fabric protection. With help from its Intelligent Care sensors, this front-load washing machine automatically adjusts the settings according to the fabric’s softness. As such, your family’s clothes are better preserved and will therefore last longer.

With a 13kg capacity, this LG washing machine can clean everything—including heavy and bulky laundry such as couch covers, curtains, and towels. Moreover, it features the TurboWash™360˚ drum. Its 3D multi-nozzles thoroughly remove dirt and grime efficiently and quickly, helping you save time and energy. For stubborn stains, you have the option of running the Steam+ feature to get rid of stains as well as wrinkles. Your family will enjoy their clean, wrinkle-free, and fresh-smelling clothes.

This LG washing machine also features ezDispense™ where you can put the laundry detergent and fabric softener. What makes this particular technology special is the auto-release of the detergent and softener according to the volume of clothes per load. This takes the guesswork out when adding detergent and softener. In addition, it also ensures the efficient use of laundry products. With all these innovations in one washing machine, you’ve found the perfect laundry maid that won’t even cause a spike in your electricity bill. That’s because of its inverter motor that provides improved energy usage.

The LG Front Load Combo Washing Machine Inverter 13kg/8kg FV1413H2BA is truly a remarkable step up from the usual automatic washing machines. What’s more, you can get it at the appliances store that offers amazing deals: Savers Appliances. After your purchase, don’t forget to save the receipt for hassle-free warranty claims if necessary.

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