A Storm of Cleaning Power

The Double Storm System built into the Samsung WA70H4000 is one tempest you’ll be happy to weather. The powerful water waves move your clothes through the wash cycle with fewer tangles and increased cleaning power, while the outer walls provide a gentle washboard effect for even deeper cleaning. The revolutionary Double Storm technology means that your clothes get spotlessly clean without the rough tangling and abrasion of a typical washer. Keep your clothes clean with the power of water!

A storm of cleaning power

Dries Clothes Much Faster

The Samsung washing machine’s Air Turbo Drying System helps to reduce drying times. It rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to extract more water out of the load, while drawing in more air to speed up the drying process. With this, it minimizes the time it takes to get wet clothes or blankets dry.

Dries clothes much faster

Keeps Your Top Load Washer Fresh

For the ultimate in convenience, Eco Tub Clean technology keeps your top load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. It can even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.

Keeps your top load washer fresh

Harmoniously Streamline and Ergonomic Design

Samsung washing machine’s features an ergonomic and streamline design that looks exceptionally elegant. The natural curves of its round edged design are complemented by the slanted, dual cluster control panel which makes it easy to use.

Harmoniously streamline and ergonomic design

Simpler to Access and Control

The Samsung washing machine has a slanted, dual cluster control panel that’s more comfortable and intuitive to use. Its ergonomic design, with buttons on both sides, makes it simpler to select the right options to program and control your laundry. It’s also angled and located in front and includes an ice–blue graphic display which makes it easier for you to access and see what you’re doing.

Simpler to access and control

Clearly More Durable and Long-lasting

The Samsung washing machine has a tempered glass feature so that it’s easy to look what’s inside. It is designed to withstand a great deal of pressure and it is strong against damage and scratches. With this, it will stand looking almost as good as new while it lasts longer.

Clearly more durable and long-lasting
Magically cleaner

Magically Cleaner

A Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes. This results to not having the drainage clogged up and everything else stays cleaner. Also, the filter is extremely easy to clean.
Thoroughly clean

Thoroughly Clean

The Water Fall technology is powerful, concentrated water spray that ensures the detergent is distributed evenly. With this, it delivers more cleanliness, rinsing and it washes your laundry more thoroughly.

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions54 × 56 × 85 cm
Washer Capacity

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