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  • DD Inverter Motor
  • Low Temperature Gentle Drying
  • Air Refresh
  • Drum Clean
  • Heat Sterilization
  • Spray Wash
  • Add Garment
  • TCL Honeycomb Drum

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More stable and quieter, more energy-efficient and durable
DD Inverter Motor

Direct drive motor works without a belt and the powerful motor is straightly attached to the drum. This more efficient and stable structure make it vastly reduce noise and vibration. Meanwhile it is able to increase durability while reduce energy and water consumption.

Refresh your clothes rapidly with hot air
Air Refresh

No need to add detergent and water. Simply use hot air to refresh your garments within short time period. Air washing could remove unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria and microbes.

Eliminate bacteria and allergens from your laundry
Heat Sterilization

The heat sterilization is more effective at eliminating bacteria and allergens both from your garments and the inner drum with high temperature, offering a greater degree of protection to you and your family.

Clean drum first before washing
Drum Clean

Drum Clean rapidly flushes the inner cylinder with hot water – preserving hygiene and ensuring your machine is pristine the next time you want to wash.

Remove detergent residual to keep clean
Spray Wash

The water jet washes away the foam and residue of detergent left on the door gasket. Nothing left but a hygienic washing environment to ensure effective laundry.
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Add missed or forgotten items during washing
Add Garment

Effortlessly pause, and add clothes easily without the annoying need to stop and start your cycle over again.

Less Friction More Care
TCL Honeycomb Drum

A hexagonal capillary design has evolved in order to care clothes during a cycle. The rounded inner convex surface gives the garment better protection by reducing friction damage to them. Besides, the tiny 2.3mm drying holes could protect clothes from being stretched.

Set the laundry time to cater to your schedule
24 Hours Delay

Set a specific time for your wash cycle, e.g. to finish as you get home from work. Enjoy superior convenience and smarter functionality that works better for you, fitting intelligently into busy routines.

Lock the recent operation for not being interrupted by naughty child
Child Lock

This feature disable its control panel thereby keeping its program settings safe. In addition, a strong seal begins at the start of a wash cycle – for total peace of mind and no nasty surprises.

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