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Sanitize Your Clothes with the Revolutionary LG Styler

These days, you can never be sure just what you might pick up from the outside and bring inside your home. It’s easy enough to leave your shoes in front of the door to prevent tracking in dirt and debris from the outdoors, but what about the clothes you’re wearing or the bag you’ve been carrying? Harmful pathogens could just as easily hitchhike on your garments and accessories, possibly putting your family’s health in jeopardy.

It’s a good thing you can now get the LG Styler S3MFC.ALMGGSC, a revolutionary appliance that is made for a healthier lifestyle. This sanitizing equipment, which is available at Savers Appliances Philippines, efficiently kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and certain allergens like dust mites to make your clothes clean and hygienic—all without using chemical additives!

Proven to Sanitize Clothes and Non-Washable Items

There are times when you’ll probably want to wear your clothes more than once before putting them in the washer. This is true when an article of clothing isn’t particularly soiled or you’ve only worn it for a short time. You might also want to let your pile of used clothes grow a little bigger before you launder them; this way, you’ll just wash a load or two and be able to save water and energy as a result. Still, there will be items that are quite difficult or outright impossible to wash, as is the case with certain types of bags, home linens, or stuffed toys.

In such cases, being able to sanitize items using the different Sanitary programs of the LG Styler S3MFC.ALMGGSC will certainly come in handy. This appliance makes use of Moving Hanger and TrueSteam™ clothing care technologies, which work in synergy to clean and sanitize clothes and other items.

The Moving Hanger functionality simulates the movement of hands shaking down garments, dislodging dust and other impurities by swinging the items 200 times per minute. TrueSteam™ technology, on the other hand, works on a microscopic level, killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and dust mites with just 100% water vapor—absolutely no chemicals added! Furthermore, TrueSteam™ is made even more effective by the moving hangers, as the swinging motion improves contact between the fabric and the steam.

The LG Styler S3MFC.ALMGGSC is:

  • Approved by the British Allergy Foundation for reduction in exposure to live house dust mite, bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus), and viruses (Influenza A [Human H3N2], Influenza A [Pandemic H1N1], PEV, IBRV, ICHV, PEDV, MHV, and hCoV-229E).
  • Verified by the British product testing and certification firm Intertek to sterilize 99.9% of E.coli and S.epidermidis
  • Tested by the German technical-scientific association Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik (VDE) to sterilize 99.9% of E.coli.
  • Tested by the Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) to remove 99.9% of skin allergies or chemical residues on clothing.

Indeed, sanitizing your clothes is just as important as washing your hands, especially now when the world is still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the LG Styler S3MFC.ALMGGSC has other benefits besides. In the next few sections, we’ll fill you in on some of these.

Refresh Clothes That Can Be Worn More Than Once

Whether it’s a dress, a sweater, a set of suit jacket and pants, or some other type of garment, there are clothes that you will probably want to wear more than once. However, it can be embarrassing to wear an article of clothing again if it smells just a little less fresh than when it was laundered.

The LG Styler takes this worry away with its different Refresh programs. As proven by tests conducted by the Taesung Environmental Research Institute, the appliance is capable of removing 99% of the chemical pyridine (tobacco odor), which may have adhered to the fabric. It can also remove 100% of isovaleric acid (sweat odor), 98% of valeraldehyde (fried meat odor), and 100% of trimethylamine (mackerel odor) with its Refresh – Normal program.

Aside from getting rid of odors, the LG Styler also gently removes wrinkles from garments, making them look even more fresh even if they’re not newly laundered. And with its Pants Crease Care functionality, you’ll be able to keep your pants’ creases looking sharp and crisp while also reducing wrinkling elsewhere on the garment.

Gently Dry Clothes to Prevent Shrinkage and Damage

Fashionable clothes in a boutique store

Drying your laundry can be a burdensome chore if you don’t have a heated clothes dryer at home, and this can be doubly a hassle if you happen to have washed your clothes on a cloudy day or if you need to dry delicate garments fast.

Thanks to the LG Styler’s Heat-Pump Technology, you won’t have to mess around with a sampayan or even risk damaging your clothes by trying to dry them using an iron. With this appliance’s low-temperature drying functionality, you’ll be able to gently dry your clothes without worrying about dampness, shrinkage, or accidental damage. You’ll only have clean, fresh clothes that you’ll be ready to rock anytime!

Dehumidify Your Closet or Room

The same technology that gently dries your clothes can also be used by the LG Styler to dehumidify your closet, room, or wherever you might place the appliance. This is very helpful for when you need to keep your space fresh on a rainy day or on when it’s particularly humid indoors.

Operate the LG Styler from Anywhere, Anytime

As is the case with many other modern appliances developed and manufactured by the Korean electronics giant LG, the LG Styler is also a smart device that can be operated from anywhere and at any time. Simply download the ThinQ™ app to run different programs or to monitor the status of your garments. To keep your LG Styler updated, you just need to use Cycle Download, which will add newly developed care cycles to the app.

Give your clothes the care and attention they deserve with the LG Styler S3MFC.ALMGGSC. Get it today online from our ecommerce site or visit any of our physical stores to see the appliance for yourself.

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