Samsung Split Type Aircon 1HP

Stay Comfortably Cool with the Samsung Split Type Aircon Wind-Free Premium Plus Inverter 1HP AR10AYKAGWKNTC

A winning addition to a typical home in the tropics, the Samsung Split Type Aircon Wind-Free Premium Plus Inverter 1HP AR10AYKAGWKNTC has all the traditional and smart features you need to keep your house consistently cool, even in the harshest of summers. This sleek, split-type air conditioner is easy on the eyes, but it’s also designed to offer consistent comfort with its AI-assisted wind-free cooling program, quiet operation, and built-in air purification system.

Get the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT today and enjoy worry-free days in your home no matter what the season may be. Purchase it from a Savers Appliances store near you or order it online today and arrange for pick-up or delivery services.

Designed to Complement the Modern Filipino Home

Summers in the Philippines can be oppressively hot, while the rainy season in the country can also be too humid for comfort. These conditions have made it a must for many Filipino families to install air conditioning units in their homes. If you’re looking for a model that can continue to deliver cooling comfort no matter how harsh the weather is outside, then the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT has you covered. This split-type, 1HP air conditioner offers the following features:

Remain Consistently Cool Without Being Too Cold

There’s a clear distinction between cool and cold, and the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT stays solidly on the side of comfort.

WindFree Cooling

Instead of releasing a strong stream of cold air from its wide vents, the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT makes use of 23,000 micro air holes to quickly but gently bring down the temperature in a given room. This WindFree cooling system ensures that the cooled air is evenly distributed through the room instead of creating cold spots that can cause discomfort. What’s more, this cooling mode uses up 77% less energy than the Fast Cooling mode.

AI Auto Cooling

AI Auto Cooling optimizes the way a room is cooled. In this program, the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT uses its various modes and customization options and factors in usage patterns to come up with the best possible cooling experience for a particular user or as a response to the current weather conditions.

Fast Cooling

Cool a room quickly by using the Fast Cooling mode. This program utilizes the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT’s Digital Boost Inverter technology, which cools the air 43% more quickly. It also maximizes the use of the model’s 15% larger fan and 31% wider blade. These elements enable the air conditioner to disperse cooled air up to 15 meters away from the unit.

Experience Eco-friendly Comfort at a Reasonable Cost

The Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT is an investment for the future. This air conditioning model not only has energy-saving features, but also has eco-friendly modes as well to help its users achieve comfort without compromising the environment.

Inverter Technology

This air conditioner model offers everyday comfort while keeping electricity costs down with its digital inverter technology. Users can also configure the best cooling mode for their homes all while keeping a tight leash on their energy spending.

Triple Protection Plus

The Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT is designed to keep on going even in the harshest of weather conditions. Its Triple Protection Plus feature protects it from damages that can be caused by power surges and fluctuating electrical currents. Its condenser and cabinet also have an anti-corrosive coating to make sure they last.

Better Heat Exchanger

Made of a much denser material, the DuraFin heat exchanger on the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT is corrosion-resistant and offers enhanced performance and efficiency.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant

To reduce its impact on the environment and enable users to enjoy guilt-free cooling, the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNT makes use of next-generation R32 refrigerant, which is much more eco-friendly than its predecessors.

ECO Mode

The ECO mode uses less energy compared to the unit’s normal mode. This option is the perfect choice for mild weather conditions where only a little bit of cooling is required.

Breathe Easy Without Worrying About Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollution is not a problem in homes that use the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNTC. The unit promises clean air and easy maintenance.

Air Filter

The air conditioning unit features an anti-bacterial filter that’s easy to clean and maintain. The Filter Plus is set outside the unit, so it’s quite easy to take out and clean. With regular maintenance, it can help keep indoor air free of contaminants.

Auto Clean

The Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNTC has an auto clean function that can be activated at the click of a button. This 3-step process includes drying the heat exchanger, eliminating bacteria, and reducing sources of odor. The auto cleaning mode only takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete the job. Also, the unit will alert users if it’s time to carry out a cleaning session.

Stay in Control of Your Home No Matter Where You Go

Users have all they need to control the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNTC right at their fingertips, no matter if they’re home or not.


The air conditioner can be controlled remotely through the use of the SmartThings App. The app can turn the AC on or off, and it can also be used to customize the setting of the cooling system.

Sleek, sturdy, and ever-reliable, the Samsung AR10AYKAGWKNTC is an excellent choice for Filipino families who want to invest in things that will bring them long-term comfort. To find out more about this air conditioner and other cooling units that suit the Filipino home, email You can also call Savers Appliances at 0998-846-7181, Mondays through Fridays, 9 AM to 6 PM.

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