• 800 Watts
  • Cook, crisp, and brown with the grill function
  • Larger dishes than ever before


Think microwave ovens are only good for making popcorn and reheating food? Think again. With the Electrolux Microwave Oven w/ Grill (Black) 23L EMG23K38GB, you can grill and cook full meals for the entire family. Order it now in the Philippines only here at Savers Appliances, and enjoy fresh, hot meals with ease!

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Microwave ovens are often used to quickly heat up leftover food, defrost frozen items, or make microwave popcorn. While these are useful functions, you can get maximum utility with a model like the Electrolux Microwave Oven w/ Grill (Black) 23L EMG23K38GB. This microwave oven includes a grilling function that gives you more options for cooking.

Unlike other microwave ovens, the Electrolux Microwave Oven w/ Grill (Black) 23L EMG23K38GB has a 1000W quartz grill that makes browning and crisping possible. Additionally, it has a spacious 27 centimeter glass turntable that allows you to fit in larger dishes, so you can cook bigger batches of food instead of being limited to small portions. Choose from five heat settings, the grill function, or even a combination of microwaving and grilling to cook food according to your preferences.

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Cook, Crisp, and Brown with the Grill Function

This dual function microwave oven with integrated 1000W quartz grill allows you to cook, crisp, and brown tender meat, vegetables, and anything in-between with minimum effort.

Cook, crisp, and brown with the grill function

Larger Dishes than Ever Before

Whether it’s a family-sized noodle soup or a larger-than-life portion of fresh greens, the 27cm glass turntable gives you the flexibility to cook larger dishes than ever before.

Larger dishes than ever before

Easily Adjust to your Cooking needs

5 adjustable power levels give you the flexibility to set the microwave power according to your cooking needs.

Easily adjust to your cooking needs


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