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  • Inverter Compressor with 5 Econavi Sensors
  • Electrostatic Outer Control Panel
  • Top Mount Compressor
  • -3°C Prime Fresh Freezing
  • Auto-ice Maker with Ice Box
  • 12 Years Warranty on Compressor

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The PRIME+ Edition brings you a high level of premium quality design that stores food in ideal conditions. The unique freezing technology seals in freshness and nutrients to preserve food quality, making healthy meal preparation easier for you.

More Ways To Enjoy Convenient Meal Preps
The Prime Freeze modes provide you with multiple methods to prepare meals, enriching your lifestyle with endless ways to make healthy meal preparation easier.

7 Days* Freshness for Fish & Meat

Easy & Healthy
Home-cooked Meals Anytime
Plan ahead and store ingredients in Prime Fresh to enjoy hassle-free and healthy eating on busy days. Effortlessly make a nutritious meal in a short time without having to defrost.

Stores Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer

Protects Against Bacteria, Odor and Pesticides
nanoe™ X has proven results to inhibit 99.99%* bacteria, deodorize and neutralize pesticides. Harmful pesticide residue can now be washed away with a simple rinse so you can enjoy your wholesome ingredients, worry-free.

e PRIME+ Edition brings the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic for spatial harmony. Inspiring wellness in the space we live.

User-Friendly & Energy Saving
1. Automatically saves energy with Intelligent Sensors
2. Dispense cold water on demand
3. Adjustable shelves for more flexibility
4. Top compressor design allows more freezer space
5. Auto ice maker

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Weight98 kg
Dimensions80 × 80 × 180 cm
Refrigerator Capacity

Refrigerator Technology

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