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  • AAT
  • Twin Eco Inverter
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Power Cool & Power Freeze
  • Total No Frost
  • Max Space
  • Humidity Slider Crisper
  • Adjustable Shevles


99.99%* Anti-bacteria
The special mineral material is added into the cabinet inner to make the refrigerator with the following advantages:
Bacteriostatic, Purification, Antioxidation, Dustproofing.

Save up to 15% energy
Twin Eco Inverter
The better energy efficiency from the excellent Twin Eco Inverter. The compressor and fans provide the perfect cooling environment for food, which not only enables long-lasting freshness, but also saves energy and money.

Easy to stay frost free
Total No Frost
Prevent time waste on manual defrosting. Cool air is circulated inside the refrigerator by processing of the twin eco inverter. The steady temperature inhibits the growth of ice.

Deliver coolness faster
Power Cool & Power Freeze
Experience the quick cooling properties. With the press of one button, Power Cool increases the cooling rate to chill your drinks and food rapidly. Power Freeze also enhances the cooling effect to freeze your frozen food and ice.

Save more, bigger space
Max Space
Store the daily food on demand. The fridge compartment can be customized according to food volume, allowing families to organize groceries inside the refrigerator, and pick up things quickly.

Ideal for larger items
Adjustable Shelf
More convenient with removable shelves. When you need to place a large size of food in the fridge, it’s easy to change the height between the frames by taking a shelf out.

Easy to pull out
Easy Tray
These trays are designed to make it easier to access ingredients and clean up afterwards.

Preserve freshness with desired humidity levels
Humidity Slider Crisper
Push the lever to adjust the moisture in the fresh drawer, adjust to the optimum humidity for food preservation, and maintain food freshness for a longer period.

Rotate it a bit, ice is out
Twist Ice Maker
Unmould ice cubes with a simple gesture: the stored ice cubes do not stick together thanks to the ventilated coldness.

Durable and textured exterior design
Elegant Appearance
Give your home a stylish look. The high-end and elegant appearance color can still enhance the home atmosphere with any decoration style, while also bringing you a healthy and fresh life.

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Weight47 kg
Dimensions57.5 × 63 × 161 cm
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