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  • Hygienic Washing Result
  • Superior Fast Wash
  • Energy & Water Saving
  • 14 Washing Programs
  • Active Foam System
  • Active Speed Wash

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99.99% Hygienic Care Extra Protection for Your Baby

99.99% Hygienic Care - Extra Protection for Your Baby
Allergen and Stain Removal for Your Baby
StainMaster+ helps protect babies from allergies. It effortlessly washes away stubborn stains, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens using hot water (up to 90ºC).
Endorsed by Allergy UK.
Certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Hanoi) on Oct. 23, 2019

Fine Foam to Lift Stains Easily

The ActiveFoam System creates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabric to thoroughly remove dirt and ensure cleaner results.

Fine Foam to Lift Stains Easily

Keep Your Drum Clean

The Auto Tub Care function automatically cleans the tub with every wash, preventing the buildup of detergent residue that causes black mold and foul odors.

Keep Your Drum Clean

AI Smart Wash: Intelligently Cares for Your Laundry

Smart sensors intelligently detect your laundry conditions and adjust the washing patterns according to your needs, providing optimal washing performance.

Maximizes Washing Performance

The 3Di Inverter automatically selects from countless optimal washing patterns to maximize cleaning. Your laundry is cleaned better.
Compared to Panasonic’s NA-V11FX2, with and without a vibration sensor, with a 5kg loading.

Maximizes Washing Performance

Optimizes Washing Consumption

The 3Di Inverter intelligently optimizes consumption by detecting your laundry washing conditions. Smartly minimizing waste.
*2 Model: NA-V10FX1. Panasonic internal tests are based on IEC 60456, with the exception of water temperature. ECONAVI program compared with Cotton 40 ºC (10kg/water temp. less than 17 ºC) vs Synthetic 40 ºC (1.5kg/water temp. more than 35 ºC)

Optimizes Washing Consumption

Fast Washing in Just 38 Minutes

The Active Speed Wash delivers optimum washing performance in just 38 minutes with fine, high-density foam. Saving you time so you can focus on the more important things in life.
Based on half a load using the Active Speed cycle
Fast Washing, in Just 38 Minutes

All-in-One Washer and Dryer

Select a course and let the washer take care of everything, from washing to drying. Additionally, the larger drum makes it easier for clothes to spread out and helps minimize wrinkling.
Designed with modern aesthetics to complement the exceptional washing performance, it’s the perfect solution for all your laundry needs.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one front-loading washing machine and dryer that’s also energy-efficient, then the Panasonic Frontload Combo Washing Machine Inverter 10kg/6kg NA-S106FX1LP has you covered. This space-saving model is designed to gently yet effectively clean and dry your clothes while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. It features an inverter motor and is capable of washing up to 10 kg and drying up to 6 kg per load. Buy it today from Savers Appliances and enjoy convenient payment options, as well as pick-up and delivery services.

The Panasonic NA-S106FX1LP is a perfect fit for busy households in the Philippines that are in need of a washing machine-dryer combo that can meet their lifestyle. It requires very little space, which makes it a great option for families living in condos and other places where space can be a premium. It has a modern control panel that ensures intuitive operation, as well as a transparent door that adds a touch of sophistication to its look. The latter also allows you to easily monitor the washing and drying process with ease.

Beyond its exterior allure, this appliance boasts a comprehensive array of special features and programs. Choose from 14 distinct washing programs tailored to different types of fabrics and clothes, ensuring the utmost care for your garments. The Fine Foam System generates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabrics for a thorough and gentle clean, while the Auto Tub Care function guarantees a pristine tub after every wash, preventing residue buildup and maintaining hygiene. Equipped with Smart Sensors, this washing machine and dryer takes laundry care to the next level by detecting laundry conditions and adjusting wash patterns accordingly. This intelligent technology optimizes each cycle for superior results, saving you time and resources.

Upgrade your laundry routine with the perfect blend of innovation and performance embodied in the Panasonic Frontload Combo Washing Machine Inverter 10kg/6kg NA-S106FX1LP. Buy it from Savers Appliances today and have it delivered to your home, wherever you are in the Philippines.

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